Swarovski: True Genius

 Swarovski: True Genius

In terms of decoration, it is fair to say, that many people take pride in the appearance of their homes. From soft furnishings to wallpaper, we simply adore our own swarowski  personal space and strive to ensure its beauty. Well, there is nothing more elegant or beautiful than a Swarovski crystal and no better way to show-off the innate attractiveness of these crystals than an ornate and opulent chandelier.

Swarovski chandeliers are a fantastic addition to any room, the effect produced by the light gently bouncing of the crystals and refracting through the room is an effect that will evoke feelings of calm, peace and harmony, the perfect atmosphere and ambience for our havens from the hustle and bustle of contemporary life.

Daniel Swarovski first manufactured Swarovski crystals during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The crystals are the result of Daniel Swarovski’s lifeworks, his masterpiece, and his oeuvre: years of perspiration, dedication and hard work are implicit in every crystal created. A genius in its true sense, Swarovski has bought wonder, beauty, and splendor to the world, and no greater example of the true magnificence of the crystals exists than within a Swarovski chandelier. Angular light, showing the full colour spectrum dance from the chandeliers, casting shadows and light in such magnificence that to experience the effects is to experience heaven on earth.

Swarovski manufactured a specialist tool that was able to cut crystal at the exact angles needed to ensure that light entered the crystal and refracted through the angular cuttings in such a manner that the crystals appear as light personified, very similar in property to an expertly crafted diamond. To see a Swarovski chandelier, is to imagine the beginnings of everything, the first light, the dawning of existence.

A wonderful stroke of genius was to add the crystals to light fixtures, the effects are astounding, and yet, this magic is affordable, opulent lighting, available to all. The crystal chandelier is supremely unique in

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