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Once the program finds them, you could then simply create a new folder and move the corresponding photos into it. Also, you could just use the search function to find specific photos, without actually creating new folders.

I would suggest looking at the search and sorting features of a program you are considering. Hello Paul, Thank you for assembling such a spectacular tool. One possible issue: you seem to have enjoyed so many features from the different programs that I almost want to try all of them!

It could probably handle the copyright requirements as a bonus…. Thanks for the reply — glad you found the article interesting.

My aim with these articles is to give viewers a wealth of options to choose from — I tend to stay away from choosing one specific program above the rest as personal preference and opinion also factor into the argument. I would suggest looking at a separate file-renaming tool — a program that is specifically built for that purpose. That being said, Lightroom does have a renaming tool that allows Metadata to be inserted.

Users can create detailed renaming templates and apply them to multiple files — examples of the metadata you can include; title, creator name, date taken, photo size, photo settings — basically anything you enter manually in the metadata info section of the RAW files.

Moreover, most photo editing software provides functionality for adding watermarks and copyright notices on your photos. Thank you for your research in all things photo! My problem: Soo many pictures! I have always used picasa. Over the last few years it has imported so many pics into the wrong dated folder on my computer hard drive and everything is a mess! Its time to clean things up!

I also have many many duplicate pics all over! Something that will read the actual date taken and re-place it into the correct folder.

I have tried different things but the task is just too daunting so I put it off. Also I guess I have google photos. Have messed with this a bit. My concern is that the quality of the pic stored in cloud is less so if I want to print or make an enlarged print it would be poor quality.

Thanks for any help you can give me! Thanks very much for your comment — let me try and help in your conundrum! First and foremost, I would suggest going forward, you should ensure that you are importing photos from your camera into one single location — make an organized folder hierarchy and stick with it.

I, for example, have a top-level folder with the year, i. After that, the next level is specific groups of photos i. Having a structured folder system like this really helps with the organization — you can do this with the editing programs listed in the above article.

Regarding renaming files and cleaning up your photo organization — I can understand your frustration! I have thousands of photos on my computer saved from the last decade. This is why using a photo management program really helps. I personally use Lightroom — this program has a myriad of features for bulk renaming.

In fact, most of the programs listed have bulk renaming tools — you can set the name format for the first image i.

Now — deleting duplicate files. Again, many of the programs listed have this feature but it usually happens during the importing process or the folder synchronization. In Lightroom, for example, when you synchronize folders, it will automatically detect duplicate files and give you the option to delete them. If you want to have a full blast through your folders, I would suggest using one of the programs listed above, and basically creating a new folder structure from scratch, and then importing all the photos through the program into these new folders — during the process you should be able to remove any duplicates.

Failing that, there is specialist software such as Duplicate Cleaner available on the Microsoft store for free that can scan your folders and look for any type of duplicate file — this is not photo editing software though.

Maybe try one of the free management programs like Dijikam or Magix Photo Manager and see how you get on with them? You should try ACD Photo Studio Standard it has face recognition and is relatively low priced no monthly subscription. Your review has been helpful but I am still torn.

I just bought a fairly inexpensive computer on which to deal with all our photos. We have photos from all kinds of crazy sources… on external drives, on disks, on phones, in emails, on SD cards, etc. I need a way to get all those photos onto the new computer, organize them, and then edit them to get books printed for ourselves and family members.

I am not tech savvy so ease of use is paramount. I would love to hear your thoughts…. You could have a look at our recent PhotoDirector 11 review. Picasa has been discontinued. Maybe you refer to Google Photos. Cloud solutions do work and are also a good way to organize and store your photos. We have now published the best cloud storage solutions.

Picasa may have been discontinued but it is still available from those OLD software download sites. If and when any photo get loaded into the PC to any of those locations Picasa will automatically see it and load it into Picasa. NOW…my question to you all: Which of these other products has that feature?

AND…What would you advise is the best replacement for Picasa? Hello Paul Thank you for the review. I also was a fan of Picasa as I found it simple to use and I liked the basic edits it offered.

When it was phased out I researched new options and decided on Zoner which I am sure is an excellent product but it does not work for me I do not find it user friendly Before I have to pay my yearly subs I would like to find another program.

I dont like the fact that you cant import from Google photos into Zoner. If I get a new program how do I transfer all my photos from Zoner to the new programme? As I am already paying monthly for my Google account I would prefer a once off payment or a free one is it works well.

Depending on the program you choose, there may be some method of easily transferring images from one to the other. I was a fan of Picasa a number of years back. Anyone familiar with doing this on a very large scale for a manufacturer with a huge number of product photography shots? Ideally we would love to have a single software platform where we can search by color, texture, product…etc and quickly obtain all of the images relating to that search term. Thanks very much for the comment — an interesting question for sure.

For a large-scale operation that you mention, Adobe Lightroom Classic would be a great choice. I would recommend doing the following:. Creating a solid folder structure where everything is organized You can do this in Lightroom 2.

Adding keywords to the photos so that they can be searched for easily. You can basically do everything in Lightroom — having a logical folder structure is always a great idea and its something I personally do before even considering keywords etc. Once the basic structure is sorted, you can then use the keyword and search tools present in Lightroom.

For example, you mentioned wanting to search for photos by different features like texture, and color — to do this, you would simply add relative keywords to the product photos.

Hi I have a collection of about 12, photos and videos on my iPhone X; these have been carried forward from several earlier phones and are all still on my current phone.

Recently all the methods available for syncing photos with a PC have been locking up and refused to copy so I went for brute force and connected the phone to my NAS and just duplicated the DCIM folder off the phone. If it can handle ongoing sync with my phone so much the better.

What would you recommend? In reality, anyone of these programs could do what you requested — allow you to store and organize photos, whilst making them searchable too. Concerning the file format HEIC is a relatively new format — I would check that any software you wish to use first supports this file container.

There is no magical program that will make your photos comprehensible — we always have to put in some initial work too i. Alternatively, you could use a service like One Drive. This is kind of a separate issue from actually organising and storing photos on your computer, however. To bring it together, using a cloud service like Lightroom CC is what I would do — you could sync photos from external devices, catalogue them properly using the keywords and metadata tools, and it also supports HEIC.

Again, to reiterate — this is what I would do personally because I have used Lightroom for many years, and it is also my main post-processing software.

You might take a look at Mylio for a simple solution or iMatch Photools for a more comprehensive solution. Burt et al — thanks for the article.

Still need some more help sorting this out. Organizing is the issue for me plus simple editing nothing Photoshop fancy. I have about , pics that either are digital or are slowly being digitized. I need to batch tag as many as at a time sometimes, but do one-offs other times. Facial recognition would be helpful, but not mandatory. I prefer to do all of this on my desktop, including storage.

You might suggest Lightroom, but paying a monthly sizable subscription fee to Adobe forever is too painful, and it leaves me at the mercy of Adobe if they ever raise the prices even more than they already have.

I am OK on the tech-savvy scale, but I am 74 years old. Microsoft Enjoyed the article. I am scanning family photos and slides taken by my in-laws between I have organized the slides by roll and placed them in folders based on the month and year the rolls were developed for lack of a better way to organize them. I want to be able tag the photos with the names of individuals in the photos [some have people] and the locations as I get feedback from family members.

It would appear any of the above would work. My main concern is getting everything loaded into a database and then having support for the application dropped like what happened with Picasa.

Is there a standard database exchange format, that would allow the sharing of metadata and photos between the applications reviewed. For example if my niece uses Lightroom and I use FastStone Image Viewer, would we be able to exchange metadata and photos? The transferal of Metadata depends on how you save the file and the file format you use. In your example — both FastStone Image Viewer and Lightroom have support for Metadata and storing it in the exported files you save. Therefore, yes you could successfully transfer images and retain the metadata.

To add this Metadata in the first instance, you can add the information using the organizational software. For example, in Lightroom Classic, if you select an image thumbnail in the library view, the metadata is displayed on the right-hand side — you can enter details like a title, caption, rating, and even locational data. Hi Paul, thank you for both the reviews and the replies to comments — all very useful. My first requirement is speed and face recognition. What would you recommend for my requirement?

Cheers Nigel. Google Photos or iOS functions. ACDSee has cloud storage access and synchronization features — this includes OneDrive and Dropbox and customizable options. This software also has facial recognition and face detection features, and you can actually import face data from other sources like Lightroom.

Thanks for the comment! In most instances yes. If you are buying a completely new computer and HDD you would need to re-install the photo organizing software and start again.

I would advise backing up your photos to a cloud storage service before buying a new computer so you can re-download them onto your new device. Thanks for the question. This photo organizing software gives cloud access and allows you to access photos from OneDrive and Dropbox.

You can also synchronize with these cloud storage solutions. I too like others on here loved Picasa. It was very user friendly. Now that I have a new computer, Windows 10, it only allows up to 5gb for photo storage. My older computer did not have a limit on photo storage. What program out there is similar to Picasa without costing an arm and a leg and monthly fees?

A great free alternative is FastStone Image Viewer. Not sure why your new computer would limit your photo storage though? The only limitation on storage would be if your HDD is full! I cannot see any option on the screen facilities or in the tutorials to do this. The only option appears to be to rename the file but then how do we have several pictures with the same name? What am I missing?

You do indeed name a photo using the rename function. Simply right-click on an image thumbnail and choose the rename option. Alternatively, you can select multiple files using shift or ctrl select , and also use the rename option.

This will rename the files and add a numbered sequence to them. Your email address will not be published. Save my name and email in this browser to see the comment immediatley and edit it if needed. You can clear your browser data at any time. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Photo Viewer is a free image viewing utility that enhances your photos to level up your viewing experience. The viewer for Windows 10 has an algorithm system to improve photo quality on your desktop.

Photo Editor is an image editor developed by Program4PC. This app has basic photo editing features like cropping, color adjustments, and overlays. Users can unlock additional features like GIF-making. Fotor Photo Editor for Windows is a powerful, all-in-one photo editing software app. It is one of the most highly rated and highly regarded photo editing apps available for PC users. Fotor is simpl. Developed by Imagine, Imagine Picture Viewer is a free and open-source photo viewer.

NET Framework. Editor gives you all the image editing features of a premium package, for free. The software contains tools that will enhance your photos and bring them to life. The User Interface is easy. Looking for a program to get a fast overview of your photos and images with simple ways to optimize them? Than Photoscape X is for you!

The tool offers the beginner everything they need to organize an. Download Latest Version for Windows. Download Latest Version for Free. Picture Stamper. Hofmann Digital Album. Dia for Windows. Perfect Effects. Portrait Professional. Stellar Photo Repair. InPixio Photo Studio Inpixio Photo Clip is photo editing software designed to take unwanted images and distractions and remove them easily and quickly with just a few clicks.

Photo Viewer For Win 10 Photo Viewer is a free image viewing utility that enhances your photos to level up your viewing experience. Editor Photo!



Download InPixio Free Photo Editor for Windows – .Acdsee Photo Studio Professional License Key | Peatix


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