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December 21st, 12 0. Developers juggle a massive cognitive overload of different software, links, tools, bookmarks, tickets, pull requests, search engines, and online forums each day. But that tweet also reminded me of the last several months. For 3 months, I read every comment in Developer Community tickets from the last four years that I could find related to Visual Studio setup and the installer.

In the end, the results were a combination of customizing Visual Studio and improving productivity. Your tickets gave ideas for minimizing distractions and putting your coding workflow together in one spot, like a dashboard. You were brutally honest, and it was incredible. VS Workflow dashboard early mock-up. The dashboard aggregates everything you care about into an immediately glanceable and actionable canvas.

You get what you need with fewer clicks so that you can be more productive. Vote here. Here are a couple of examples:. Feel free to let me know what would make this experience awesome for you in this survey.

Thank you for writing tickets, and please keep sharing your thoughts with us. PS Here are some of my favorite customer comments from my analysis:.

Comments are closed. The post on the uservoice just says it is similar to a feature Windows Sure, Windows 11 is not widely used in all PCs, Windows 10 still has that place, however the concept of a widget has a very long history in personal computers, and is currently present in other operating systems, such as Android.

It was also present in the past in Windows Vista and 7. Windows developers may have seen or heard about widgets, and newer developers may already be familiar with widgets via their mobile phones. Then kindly refrain from writing purposeless sentences until such time that you do see and are able to make an informed argument against or in favor of my position. Hey Jorge! Thanks for reading and commenting! Dude, is your head on right? Hey Fleet!

Thanks for the Windows 11 stat and for reading the blog post! I believe this is a great idea and I can only hope to use this new tool soon. Thanks, Ray! Happy to hear it and thanks for reading.

Jordan Matthiesen Senior Program Manager. Mads Kristensen Principal Product Manager. Grace Taylor Program Manager. Leslie Richardson Program Manager. Denizhan Yigitbas Product Manager. Your Visual Studio Dashboard. Read next Visual Studio Visual Studio We’re enhancing existing features, bringing new productivity improvements, and making it easier for you to make Visual Studio your own. Dominic Nahous January 5, Filisha Shah January 5, The feature is not tied to or linked with Windows Hey Kolappan!

Never take a comment seriously or personally, unless it adds positive value to the context. Hi Misty, I believe this is a great idea and I can only hope to use this new tool soon. Top Bloggers. NET Core. NET Framework. NET Object Allocation Forms XAML. Paste your code snippet. Cancel Ok.



Microsoft visual studio 2015 offline documentation free.Visual Studio Blog

› Docs › Installation. See how to install Microsoft Help Viewer to read offline help. Several products, such as Visual Studio and SQL Server, use Help Viewer to.


Microsoft visual studio 2015 offline documentation free


In preview 3 we are adding new capabilities to some of the less used, but useful, features such as attach to process. One example is the improvements in the attach to process dialog.

The dialog is now async, shows the command line arguments for processes, IIS information for w3wp. These capabilities reduce a lot of the friction in deciding which process to debug in advanced scenarios.

The new designer is easier to use and browse with a single column of options with clear descriptions. The new dark theme has a new accent color, which is less intense, and used more sparingly to reduce distraction and eyestrain. The new accent color now matches the latest product visual identity, which helps you quickly find the right window when they are navigating among multiple tools. With Visual Studio , we are building tools to both support your existing applications and tools for building the latest types of applications.

With remote testing you can now get feedback from your cross-platform tests, and even debug them from the comfort of Visual Studio! The feature works with a range of remote environments such as Linux containers, WSL, and over SSH connections — empowering you to test modern cross platform.

NET applications. The new JavaScript and TypeScript project types for Angular, Vue, and React make it easy to incorporate front end applications within your Visual Studio solution — empowering you to launch and debug your entire app from Visual Studio.

Another crucial part of our vision for Visual Studio is innovative capabilities that unlock your potential as a developer. As a developer some of the hardest issues to resolve are issues that only happen when your application is running live. Memory dumps are complex and finding the root cause of an issue is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The diagnostic analyzer can be used on memory dumps to identify common problems seen in.

Empowering you to root cause complex issues in no time. Preview 3 is also getting new preview features such as multiple Git repository which enables you to work with a single solution that has projects in multiple repositories and contribute to them from a single instance of Visual Studio. In Preview 3 makes it easier to publish your code to Azure DevOps with the updated create Git repository experience.

There are a lot more features to be explored in Preview 3. We want your help making Visual Studio the best developer experience for you, and we are excited for you to try out all the new productivity enhancements. We encourage you to download and use the preview just like you would use Visual Studio preview.

We appreciate your time in providing feedback via Developer Community , reporting a problem , and taking part in surveys. Comments are closed. Same here. Reported in feedback tool.

Whether you try to update to Preview 3 or repair after it fails to install it will always fail on this package. Once you start the update your instance is now corrupted. Even though it appears to fail during the download it has already installed part of the update making the entire instance broken. Thank you for trying out the preview and reporting this issue!

It looks like we have an issue with propagating some of the updated packages to our CDN. Note that with this — Visual Studio was stuck in mid installation and unusable — even if I cancelled the installation. You should look at this and rolling back. If you run the download it tries to install 2.

If you uninstall 2. Ok, on following the Prev 3 links to install, it says 2. Any word on plans to push extensions for ? I recall for there was a push to get extensions moved over from with developers.

Thanks for the feedback. I hope that is being upgraded for the ride, too. In any case, I have made a vote here for others to upvote just in case.

Looks like it got pulled, but the link in the header unfortunately seems to point to a ticket that was closed with a fix being a different version I updated to preview 3 earlier and then had problems with VS too.

I was using a Windows 11 insider preview and thought maybe it was due to this so I have today gone back to windows 10 and then downloaded the VS installer Luckily I have both versions on another laptop and that is still working ok. I shall avoid any updates for now on there. Except the Visual Studio Installer is showing I am up to date at Will try to submit feedback via the Visual Studio Installer tool.

The installation was successfull! That solution worked for me. I also needed to update maui-check. For reference, I deleted my metadata folder at.. Make it possible to go to the old black theme. I pretty much hate the new one.

It looks awful imo. Thanks for your feedback! The old dark theme is now available for download in the Visual Studio Marketplace. The stinky contrasts between background colors and useless outlines are just eye blinding. The colors are randomly smeared here and there. I would accept this as a good High Contrast theme, if at all.

The new theme is dark in the sense of it being horrible. Error code: 1. Thanks for trying out Preview 3! Could you file a Developer Community ticket. If you find issues that are impacting your productivity negatively, please feel free to elaborate a bit more to help us troubleshoot. You can also report a problem from Visual Studio and include screenshots.

The old dark theme is also available for download in the Visual Studio Marketplace in case you want to go back. Same here! New dark theme is inconsistent in design and color. I have disabled this from Preview Feature menu.

While I am deeply appreciative of the efforts put into VS , particularly multi-repo support, is there any hope for improvement of the debugging visualizer development story?

Update notifications thus require a custom mechanism built into the visualizer. Visual Studio all the time resets in Unity External Script Editor and not everything colored, like much of fields, which was blue before. Sorry for the issues! From there, you can report an issue and include a screenshot and other details like the version of Unity being used. Another quick thing to check is that your Unity project has the Visual Studio Editor package 2.

This is required for Visual Studio to work with Unity. Back to vs16 Thanks. Unlike search tools like Find-in-Files, a symbol search will not search for all text matches in your code.

Instead, it will look up symbol definitions. For example, you can go to the exact location where a class, method, function, variable, etc.

Furthermore, your search results will not be cluttered with matches in text matches such as comments, string literals, etc. Visual Studio can sometimes get overwhelming with all of the tools and functionalities it provides. For example, I can easily launch the Solution Explorer or even search for Git functionalities all within this search experience.

After restarting, you will now be able to open the All-In-One Search either with your mouse or through keyboard shortcuts. Clicking the dropdown arrow will present you with two different search options: Code Search and Feature Search. Selecting either one of these options will open All-In-One Search in the respective tab.

As we briefly explained above, the All-In-One code searching experience provides you with a symbol searching experience. In addition to symbols across your solution, you can also search for files.

The three code results include:. You can filter down your results using the files, types, and members toggle buttons in the search window:. You can access these filters without using your cursor, too.

You can customize the experience by resizing and moving the window as you desire. You can even further customize this experience by either using the search popup in an easily dismissible, type-and-go form or a sticky form.

In this experience, simply selecting a result via keyboard enter or mouse-click , clicking outside of the window, or pressing esc will cause the window to dismiss. This functionality can even enable you to drag the search window onto a different monitor so you can code on one screen and search on another! We would love to get your feedback on the new search experience so please give it a try and let us know what you think! You can share any feedback via this suggestion ticket and leave comments with any thoughts!

Comments are closed. Let me know if that works for you. Would prefer if visual studio just follows how vscode has implemented its search. Hey Peter! Thanks for this feedback. The search provided by VSCode on the left hand side is purely a text based search where as this is more of a symbol search. I would be interested to hear what you think about that. Do you use this tool or only the search tab on the left?

It looks very nice. The convenience of quickly and easily performing just about any action with the keyboard, without having to remember a thousand different keyboard shortcuts is incredible. Thanks for joining the conversation Frederik! The goal of this new search experience is actually exactly along these lines. You can perform all of these actions within the Feature tab!

I normally use that. In the extremely rare instances I need to search for a VS feature the existing search box in the title bar is fine to select manually. VS Code has the right idea in making everything a tab.

VS used to have the right idea whereby the start page was a tab, but now its a modal despite the huge uproar from people saying its inferior.

For stuff like GoTo, the current little box in the upper right of the editor window is just the right trade off between small size and functionality. They both map to GoToEverything. We are also looking into making this modal a dockable tool window in the future so you can get the tabbed behavior you are mentioning. I have no complaint with the additional layout functionality proposed e. I really love knowing exactly where this transient piece of UI will be when I tap Ctrl-, and it takes up no more space than it needs to and it goes away the moment I no longer need it and no sooner.

Expansion of a suggestion above. To provide some specific feedback tested with Preview 5 : — Alt-Tabbing away from VS with the window open makes it flash in the taskbar and closes the dialog both new and annoying behaviours — The dialog goes away if you do anything else, which is also very annoying e. Ok here comes the tough question: when do you plan to add incremental search across all files with preview like most modern IDEs do?

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